Matrimonial Sites Play A Vital Role In Indian Matchmaking Industry

Matrimonial Sites Play A Vital Role In Indian Matchmaking Industry

Matrimonial sites can be referred to as platforms designed to match two potential lovers for a successful relationship and marriage. In India and among Indians abroad, matrimonial sites are popular as an alternative to the usual traditional matchmaker. On the other hand, matchmaking can be described as the way of pairing two or more people together for the purpose of marriage. Matrimonial websites are the modern matchmakers especially in India where it has gained a speedy reputation among the Indians to replace the old tradition of parents arranging marriages for their sons and daughters.

The sites are gaining popularity among Indian populace with their successes and result-proven outcomes in matchmaking. The sites have played a vital role in the lives of Indians with reliable and secure matrimony services. There are various choices and options to be accessed on these sites for successful life partner selection. Among the best of these sites is the matrimonial site which has successfully matched many partners in India both home and abroad. Let’s quickly look at the following journey facts of matrimonial sites:
Matrimonial Sites Play A Vital Role In Indian Matchmaking Industry
Matrimonial Sites Play A Vital Role In Indian Matchmaking Industry

Matrimony websites statistics

Back in 2022, more than 8 million out of about 1.1 billion Indian population were using the internet which means about 7% of worldwide users ranked India 22nd in the world internet usage. – Out of 7% Indian share of the overall world internet users in 2015, 11% of it was internally coming from matrimonial sites users. – Moreover, arising from internet research, the 13th popular activity is coming from about 12 million matrimonial sites users. This enormous population access more than a hundred of these sites. – According to Indian matrimonial sites surveyed, it was discovered that about 12 million people have surfaced to use their sites during the last five years. Now, they are about 50-55 million users. – Research also revealed that about 48% of the site users had no prior internet experience, but they were marveled at the success and possibility of getting perfect partners from the matrimonial site.

Roles of matrimonial sites in Indian matchmaking industry

The recent matrimonial sites growth and success had been attributed to their flexibility of matching partners together, making it easier for their users take advantages of multiple choices of information available. Matrimonial sites play vital roles in making this possible for their registered users. Some of these roles are highlighted below but not limited to the following:

  1. User-friendly: Matrimonial sites have designed platforms that are friendly to the users for easy soul mate searching. They are designed in such a way to allow an individual to search through millions of registered profile on the site.
  2. In-depth search availability: The sites are designed in a way to allow users to search for his or her preference locations, community, profession and much more. The results gotten from the site are based on the criteria as filtered by the users. The filtering choice had allowed the users to prioritize their choices in finding the best matches.
  3. Convenience: Users can sign in to their accounts with their registered details used during sign-up. Because of users’ busy schedules of some profession; they can log on the site at their leisure or the comfort of their home for possible matchmaking.
  4. Security: The details supplied during sign-up are verified by the sites, undergo a serious scrutinizing process before accepted. However, all the information submitted to matrimonial sites is safe and secured.
  5. Freedom of choice: Another role played by matrimonial sites is freedom of selection. Unlike olden days marriage arrangement, the current matchmaking respects user’s privacy and choice, give them freedom to search, filter and communicate to their choosing and perfect matches.
  6. The location is not a barrier: Irrespective of geographical location, matrimonial sites connect people for a perfect match and successful relationship. Not limited to India alone, users can match with others from another geographical zones or continents.
  7. Counseling: Many matrimonial sites give insight on safe operation and basic details involved in finding a perfect match and wedding planning to prevent scams and other fraud through blogs and Academy posts.

Why choosing

Among its peers, has proved with a good result that the process of finding and matching with a perfect life partner should be uncomplicated and fun. Falling in love with another be effortless and be impactful. The site is one of the fastest growing matrimonial websites in India and environs. The following are some of the points that make standout among other matrimonial sites:

  1. It offers services such as Horoscope Generation Services, Professional Services, Profile Highlighting, Phone Top-ups and much more as an ADD-On which allows only the registered users access the services.
  2. It has in its database; thousand of Indian groom and bride profile cut across Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh religions.
  3. has the best customer services among other matrimonial sites in India
  4. Its site is the most user-friendly with a Single Page Registration.
  5. also has groom and bride profile in categories based on caste, mother tongue, divorcees, and window
  6. It has live chats, call and email facilities to make the matchmaking fun.

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