At what age should a person get married?

Our life events, as per societal expectations, are arranged like a serpentine stack of dominos. Put in perfect order one after the other, those life events are expected to happen at a certain age and any deviation from the planned path is often questioned. No wonder, your childhood and teens are for academics, the early twenties are for finding a livelihood and mid-twenties till early thirties are reserved for shaadi/marriage; then comes children, buying a house, promotion and whatnot. When a person attains a certain marriageable age, he or she is coaxed, threatened and bribed by all, including friends and family to get married.

Some succumb to the pressure, a few brave ones revolt, who are then viewed by the majority as a ‘rebel without a cause’. Although the society, parents, relatives and the concerned few have their set ideas about the perfect age to tie the knot, let’s not fall for that.

There is no perfect age until the person is mentally prepared

“There’s no best age to get married. Men or women alike. Unless the person is ready. It can be the early 20s or late 30s. If the person has established oneself and feels like one should share the life with another individual, one should go for it. In India, getting married at a certain age is nothing but societal pressure, and that’s why this question about age pops up more often. But, ideally, it should be the maturity or the readiness of the individual that matters the most.