Common Mistakes People Make on Indian Matrimony Portal

People often tend to get confused when they register with an online matrimony website. While the entire experience is pretty simple, it is imaginable that brides and grooms may get nervous over making the right impression and hence make certain mistakes that may cost them dearly.

Here is a list of common mistakes to avoid when you register with an online matrimonial website:

  1. Do not Over Crowd Your Profile Page – The more concise and crisp the information, the more interesting is your profile. Many registrants tend to make the mistake of writing long essays to describe themselves. One tends to lose the point halfway through the essay leading to boredom and the likeliness of fewer people will show interest in your.
  2. Putting up the Wrong Set of Pictures – One has to be very careful about the kind of pictures you choose to upload on your profile. Do not make the mistake of uploading outdated and unrealistic pictures of you. It is ideal that as a potential bride or groom, you put up about 2 -5 flattering and accurate pictures of yourself. In an Indian setting, you can also choose to post some pictures in traditional as well as western attire. Try to portray a humble and true attitude through the pictures and get them taken professionally if possible.
  3. Do not lie on these Websites – The biggest mistake one can ever make is to lie on your profile. First, most popular websites have a stringent background checking policy, and on the other hand if your profile gets reported, it is likely that you will not be able to register back  on the website every again.
  4. Interacting with Other Profiles – Do not get nervous when you are interacting with other registrants you feel you are interested in. Try to keep it real and the first time you message a potential candidate, try to be friendly, and say something thoughtful about his or her profile. In addition to this, make sure your grammar is correct and you draft a well thought out response to messages that need to be replied to.

With the right intentions and confidence, you will be soon on your way to the wedding hall, starting a life of happiness, companionship and love.