Marriage symbolizes permanence but often we see cases of broken marriage. Sometimes, a couple deeply in love, couldn’t survive their marital bond for a longer duration just because they lack in knowing small tips on how to enjoy married life. Marriage is a bond that needs to be nurtured by both the partners with the same kind of energy and positivity.

If you also want to know how to strengthen your togetherness and live happily ever after, read these 5 sure shot tips to live a long happy married life.

1. Switch between roles of husband-wife or friends

For a happy long-term married life, you need to understand that living the role of husband-wife is as important as living the roles of friends. Taking important decisions as partners and having fun as best friends are like having the best of everything. A good friend can be a great partner and vice versa a good partner can be a great friend. Staying only husband-wife for each other would kill all the fun and bring monotony to the relationship.

2. Maintain honesty and harmony, side by side

A good relationship definitely gets strength from transparency; however, you need to be cautious that you aren’t hurting your spouse. A fine balance in being honest but not hurting your partner is very important. They say truth is always bitter, but you can’t afford to let your relationship go bitter, so ensure that your frank opinions are presented artfully. Instead of a direct point out on increased weight of your partner, you can be artful and initiate the discussion that how exercising and walking together can help you steal some quality time and strengthen your bond.

3. Take care of him/her and take care of yourself

Usually said that love is all about caring for the person you love. Indeed true, but if you tend to ignore yourself in taking care of our spouse, somehow it doesn’t work that well. Being concerned about your partner’s needs, wants, health etc., is important and make your relationship more beautiful but if you aren’t taking care of yourself, you will end up losing the overall bond. Happiness starts from within so if you wish to see your partner happy and healthy, you first need to be that.

4. Fulfill Physical needs as well as emotional needs

One of the most important aspects of marital life belongs to the couple’s sex life. You must have read a lot about how sex makes life and relationship happier and healthier and we don’t deny that. But sex only for maintaining a routine wouldn’t do that magic. Emotional satisfaction is the key to a happy sex life as well as a happy married life.

5. Give time and give space too

A thin line between giving time and giving space usually gets misread by couples. While few couples believe in possession, giving maximum time to their partner, some other prefer to give space in a relationship, but only wise couple know how to hit a balance between giving space and giving time. Spending all the time with your partner can be as dangerous as giving a lot of space without realizing the void in communication. Every couple should spend some time with friends but not at the cost of their special time. Hit balance between “me time” and “we time”.

For a happy married life you need to be friends for lifetime. Maintain transparency but don’t hurt, be concerned about your partner but don’t forget yourself, have a happy healthy sex life but don’t ignore emotional needs and last but not the least, learn the science of holding and letting go. All these tips are based on the opinions taken from happy couples who have spent many years of togetherness and still celebrating their love each day.