Benefits of inter caste marriage in India

Benefits of inter caste marriage in India

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri, all of these famous couples chose love above their caste and religion. They are the living examples of the belief that love conquers all.

In a vast and diverse country like India, where there are people from all religions and sociology-economic classes, inter-caste marriage has become a trend. Caste distinction and communal differences have become out of date, and inter-caste marriage is a step towards the brighter future of an emerging India.
Benefits of inter caste marriage in India
Benefits of inter caste marriage in India

What is inter-caste marriage?

Ancient India was mainly divided into four castes- the Brahmins (the educated), the Kshatriyas (the warriors), the Vaishyas (the business class) and the Shudras (the untouchables). For ages, this caste system was followed. They caste you were born into was the caste you stayed in for your whole life.

But slowly and gradually, as India progressed, people of higher castes started getting married to their lower-caste counterparts. When the caste label holds no bar and people marry each other for love and respect.

Time has altered the mindsets of many to the point that today inter-caste marriage is not considered a taboo. With the advancement of education and awareness, people have started to accept and embrace them. This type of marriage is special in its own way, and have a handful of advantages over traditional, inner-caste marriages.

Evoking Tolerance

Inter-caste marriages have diminished the orthodox nature of Indians. People have become tolerable of all the castes and see each other as equals. There is lesser feeling of hatred between those of different castes. People of different castes have become open to learning from and interacting with people of different backgrounds.

Wider Range of Choices

With the acceptance of marriages between castes, a person has an increasing number of optional suitors. The more choices a person has, the higher their chances are of finding the best match possible for their goals and their personality.

Better Offspring

Although it’s not common knowledge, a marriage of two people from different castes puts their children at an advantage. Because of the genetic differences that have developed between the castes marrying within themselves over thousands of years, these children are genetically sharper than the offspring produced of a union in the same caste.

Liberal Mindset

Inter-caste marriage makes people liberal and more open-minded in their thinking. They accept changes easily. People can evolve from orthodox and conservative thinking to accept the idea that, for these couples, all that matters is love.


Couples from different castes impart knowledge and wisdom as both the partners try and learn each other’s culture and values, and absorb them into their joined lifestyle. As compared to the people who marry in their own castes, the partners of the inter-caste marriage know much more about the cultural values prevalent in their country.

Cultural Diversity

India is a land of diverse castes and creeds. By promoting inter-caste marriages; we are eradicating the cultural barriers and uniting the free-spirited India.

Furthermore, these diverse marriages play an important role in binding society together. They spread the language of love and respect for individuals and produce a liberal, tolerant generation of people. They let Indian singles know, that when they’re looking for a spouse – whether through family members or a matrimonial site for Indians – they don’t have to limit their options based on a societal label.

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