Is Looks Important In A Marriage?

What is looks actually? Is it the physical beauty of a person? Or the internal beauty? Is it the fact that the person is soft-spoken and well behaved, so she looks good? Or is it that she is well-shaped and fair colored that makes her beautiful?

Is Looks Important In A Marriage?
Is Looks Important In A Marriage?

You may often hear people say, looks don’t matter. For some, it doesn’t. But mostly, people do consider the physical looks of a person before accepting a proposal. In most cases, when a family is sent a picture of the girl or the boy, the only thing they see is the looks. Most of the rejection is done during that phase itself. Whether the family meets that person, is dependent on how good he or she looks in the picture.

Here are Certain Factors That People Have in Mind When We Talk About the Looks of a Person

1) Attraction

Men are mostly attracted to beautiful women. It is a belief, that if you have a beautiful wife, the guy does not get attracted to other females. Likewise, a female also wants a smart-looking husband.

2) Societal Status

For families, showing off a good-looking bride or groom gives them higher satisfaction, as people do praise the choice of the parents on choosing a good partner. Also for the couple, when you introduce your partner to your friends or colleagues, the better your partner looks, the more interested you will be to show them around.

3) Love Marriage

When love is the priority, nothing else matters. You cannot fall in love thinking of a person’s looks or money. Love just happens. And in a lot of cases, parents reject that partner for their looks. For you, that person may be very beautiful and perfect. But for your parents, when you seek their approval, the looks matter.

4) Physical Attraction

00One important aspect of marriage, and to keep it lasting, is the physical relationship between couples. At times, in a marriage where you are not satisfied with the beauty of your partner, or if you think that he/she is not worth you, you don’t feel physically attracted to them. This, in the long run, creates huge problems.

Looks are nothing, but how the eyes see it. If you think a person should be beautiful from within, then physical beauty will not be a barrier to your eyes and thoughts. Outside beauty may fade, but the inside beauty keeps growing with time. What you choose, is what you get in the end. So think wise!