Astrological analysis of love, marriage and relationships

Marriages are made in heaven – this is what we all accept as truth but reality is quite different from our dream world. In the real world, marriage is a string of unremitting adjustments. We would like to believe that love, commitments and little sweet romantic compromises will let us have a smooth sail through our married life, but the harsh reality is that a good physical relationship is a crucial ingredient in recipe of a stable and happy married life.

According to astrology, five planets i.e.; sun, Saturn, mars, rahu and ketu in addition to the twelfth lord of a horoscope when afflicts the marriage related houses, spell disaster in married life. To rise above these afflictions, we need to view things from a fresh perspective.

Planet Venus is the prime indicator of physical relation and marriage and afflictions to Venus causes mayhem in married life. The main planets associated with physical relations in a horoscope are:

  1. Venus – rules external reproductive organs of males and females
  2. Mars – rules aggression, lust, blood circulation
  3. Moon – rules imagination, lust, love, romance, emotions
  4. Saturn – impotency, likes foreplay and unusual physical inclinations
  5. Rahu – interest in outcaste, foreigner, married men or women
  6. Mercury – rules flirtations, multiplicity and impotency

The houses linked to physical relations in a horoscope are:

  1. 5th house – thoughts, brain, imagination
  2. 7th house – primary house of physical relations, spouse, internal sex organs
  3. 8th house – scams, loss of reputation, external reproductive organs.
  4. 9th house – connected with extra marital relations
  5. 12th house – house of bed pleasures

Whenever, there is a combination of Mars and Venus in a horoscope, there is overindulgence in physical desires with Mars adding aggression to it. Retrograde Mars or Venus inflicts unusual physical inclinations and never leads to a suave relationship, a person with this planetary position either completely abstains from any kind of physical relationship or carries things to an extreme.

Saturn and Rahu instill fear and phobia towards physical relations. Whenever Saturn is placed in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 12th house of a horoscope, the person is more fascinated with foreplay rather than actual intercourse.

Presence of Saturn in these houses can lead to separation in married life, but if the life partner understands the need of the other partner going through this phase, such situations can be dealt appropriately. Generally, sadde-sati of Saturn or dasha related to Saturn or rahu is the time of life when these secrets get disclosed causing disharmony and separations in married life.

If society becomes more aware and calculations of horoscope are suitably done by a competent astrologer, unwarranted complications can be evaded. If these trends are detected early and the astrologer’s advice is followed properly, a couple can have a deeper and long lasting relationship in a feasible manner.