Chandra Grahan Dosh And Surya Grahan Dosh In Kundli

What is chandra grahan dosh in kundli and surya grahan dosh in kundli. Know the powerful remedies for grahan dosh in kundli.

What is Grahan Dosha?

Whenever, Rahu or Ketu come together with the Sun or Moon then it results in Grahan Dosha or Grahan Yoga. Surya Grahan Dosh or Surya Grahan Yoga in Kundli (Birth Chart/Horoscope) is a malefic effect which arises when Rahu (Dragon’s head) sits with any planet in horoscope.

For example, if Rahu is sitting with Moon then “Rahu Moon or Chandra Grahan dosha” is present. Likewise, if Rahu is sitting with Sun then “Rahu Sun or Surya Grahan dosha” is present and so on. In simple words, when Rahu  forms negative formation in kundli or horoscope, it is called Grahan Dosh.

Cause of Grahan Dosha

There are several other cause for Grahan Dosha in a Kundli or Horoscope:

  1. Rahu sits with Sun or Moon in any place/house in Kundli.
  2. Ketu is sitting with Sun or Moon with the same rashi (zodiac sign).
  3. During Sun and Moon Mahadasha, Rahu may arise Grahan Dosha.
  4. When a child birth takes place on Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan day.

Effects of Grahan Dosha

Rahu is the planet which if generates any malefic effects then creates problems in life, both professional and personal. It creates excess struggle and hardship in ones life.

Some of the most common problems are:

  1. Sudden unwanted problems in job and business.
  2. Delayed results and growth in life.
  3. Miscarriage or sexual complications.
  4. Chronic diseases and ailments related to legs, breathing, neck, lungs and eyes. Cancer is also caused due to Rahu.
  5. Mental imbalance or depression.
  6. Defamation in society and legal problems.

If Rahu and Mangal sits together, it forms a very dangerous yoga known as Angarak Yoga. This is a very bad yoga and causes accident, chronic diseases, debt, defame etc.

Please note that all the symptoms may not be seen in every Kundli of the affected person. Many other factors such as Dasha, Grah-Dosh and Shani Sadhesati determines the overall impact of Grahan Dosha. The result often vary from Kudli to Kundli. It is very necessary to study the Horoscope from every aspect to determine the cause and effects.

Remedies of Grahan Dosha:

  1. Have a guru
  2. Take care of a cow everyday
  3. Always go to the temple and offer your services there
  4. Eat turmeric, put some on your tongue in the morning. This is apart from what you’d intake in your cooked food.
  5. Visit a mandir or place of worship regularly
  6. Do Surya Kriya after learning it from your Guru
  7. Do Chandra Kriya after learning it from your Guru
Before going for any remedies it is good to consult an experienced astrologer.