Why are inter-caste marriages not popular in India?

India as a country is known for its unity in diversity. When you travel across the country, you will be amazed to know that there is tremendous diversity not only in the scenic beauty, but also language, culture, dresses, food habits, and habitat. Yet despite this diversity, people of different religions coexist happily. However, when it comes to marriage the people of the country always prefer to find a match within their caste.

This can be easily observed if you pick up a magazine or newspaper and skim through the ads posted by the Matrimonial Site in Delhi. The brides and grooms are listed primarily according to their caste, followed by profession, and then NRI status. Despite the progress made, there are very few people who are looking for a match where caste is no bar.

Some of the reasons why inter-caste marriages are not that common or preferred include –

  1. One of the primary reasons why inter-caste marriages find few takers is that adjusting in a household where everything from customs, traditions, food habits, and rituals are different takes huge effort; both for the married couple and the in-laws. Considering the diversity that is seen in the country, it will be extremely difficult for a person of another caste to adapt to the customs prevalent in the new family.
  2. Lifestyle differences are also one of the other reasons why people do not prefer inter-caste marriages. While it is easy to assume that love conquers all, it is not true. Though it may seem harsh or jaded, you cannot survive on love alone and money eventually matters. While initially, things might seem rosy, with time, people end up realizing that it would have been better to marry someone within your caste and family background.
  3. If you are living alone, usually, inter-caste love marriages have a fairly higher chance of succeeding. After all, everyone makes sacrifices for love. However, in India, you not only marry the guy, but you also end up marrying the entire family. Adjusting in a family where everyone considers you an outsider, frowns on every action you take, and questions every choice you make can end up breaking your most important relationship. Constant emotional conflicts can be one of the reasons why many people avoid taking the huge step of marrying outside their caste.

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