Your life partner should be entirely your choice: If you desire a happy life.

Marriage is not a one-day celebration, to make it a life-long celebration, the choice of a life companion should be the wisest and the best which is the individual, s sole responsibility. Make a good choice and be blessed with your perfect pair forever.

Choosing or Selecting, you may think about why am I referring to these words. WELL !!!To choose something is a vital part of anything we do and also the most confusing part of the whole game. Don’t you think that the word ” choose” or “choice” strongly connected with our deciding factor? To choose for ourselves means that the important decision of selecting something is entirely on us. Naturally, when we choose something be it small things like clothes, shoes, accessories, or whatever it may be like our education, which college to go to for studies, which profession, and so on, All these factors are entirely interconnected to our dreams, passions, our attitude towards a particular thing, that is these all are our values we keep or have to a particular thing, It’s A state of mind. YES, it depicts or highlights our wishes as a whole.

Similarly, in marriages, What do you think of your choice of a life partner? Exactly I think I heard your mind, I guess you may be thinking that we all have the right to choose all other factors affecting our lives right from the choice of our dressing style, our lifestyles, our food habits and similarly all matters, Then why is there a specific question raised as to who should choose your life partner, The answer is very much simple, your choice of a life partner should be entirely your big priority factor and let's not give a chance to others to decide on our fates because marriage is a big decision towards our own lives because, unlike other deciding factors we can quit or change our minds if we don't like it, wedding is not as easy as that. It is a personal relationship game, in other words In marriage it is all about commitment, love, and dedication to a unique individual not for a day or two but the whole of our life through all thick,s and thins which is not everybody's cup of tea. Thus,  there is no doubt that the choice of a life partner should be entirely your responsibility and decision.

Back from the 1880,s and 1990,s to the 20th century everything has changed. We all are changing with time. There was a time when women stayed at home and looked after the household and men went to work. But now where in India can you see educated women sitting at home? All are working so with time each one’s lifestyle and with that concepts and dreams about our lives are changing with time and we all are adaptable to it as well. The same thing in earlier days especially for girls, our parents bring us an alliance from some uncle or aunts or from their relatives, they just see if he has a good job, If a government job oh oh so happy, It is as if your gifting heaven to your daughter, and convinces her by saying that you will not get much more relation then this and he will take care of you like a rani. THAT’S IT, the girl is happy, everybody happy and fine the next day fixing the date of the marriage, and arrangements start. And even if the girl does not like the boy, There is no choice, because parents come out with sentimental words saying your uncle brought up this relationship, what would we tell them? you are spoiling the family’s name and OK it will work out and the girls will agree. But today can you ever imagine what can happen in the modern world when individuals both men and women are progressing in all spheres of life equally, and all these individuals too have specific unique desires on how their life companion should be as well whether it be looks, lifestyle, character, family status, profession and so on. We are living in a very corporate world where no one has time for anything and we all know thus in today’s modern world most all belief in choosing their partner because it is nobody else but both who have to lead their lives so to make their life beautiful it is always better that we make our choice and live a happier life rather than listening others opinion and ruining our happiness.


Of course, when we say about making our choice, It never meant it does not include our parents, we can take advice from our parents because our parents have seen the world much better than us, they have life experiences which they can share to guide us in our search but they should not be the last word, At the end of the day It will be you who have to lead your lives, So our parents and elders should be always by our sides with their valuable suggestions, opinions, and advice, and why worry these days we have India’s best matrimonial sites welcoming us with thousands and lakhs of Indian marriage profiles of brides and grooms from almost all Indian communities. These matrimonial websites have innumerable profiles based on mother tongue, caste, community, location, city, profession, and so on with various traits. So if you are somebody searching for your choice of a life companion unlike traditional marriage matching, these exclusive marriage bureaus will provide you with the best profiles, and also whatever details and profiles you gave them will also be very much confidential and under privacy features, That is, you may not want everyone to know that you’re in search of a life partner, so these matrimonial sites will take care of that.

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Furthermore to conclude. In this modern era, especially in the web era, we have unlimited opportunities to explore everything; that is the same fact about marriage. Marriage is not a festival that you can make arrangements for each year and celebrate, It is a one-day celebration of the start of a lifelong celebration. Always remember that one day will change our entire life, and marriage is also a big commitment, a bond of love and dedication not only to that single person but the whole family, just imagine marriage means living with somebody under a roof who is entirely different from you, grown in different families with different upbringings, values, attitudes, life concepts, So for all these to be together and to live together is not so easy as you think, not hard too if you make the right choice at the right time, Nobody can know yourself better then you, so considering all these make the choice of a life companion by yourself but always be sure that you be matured to take a good decision, and also well established in life so as that you understand values of life, family values as well which are again a very integral part of our lives. Our parents and elders should also be of equal importance in their opinions, suggestions, talking everything but it’s just that the final decision as to who should you lead your entire life with should be solely your decision. It’s easy these days to make a wise choice with various matrimonial sites offering exclusive matchmaking services. So utilize their valuable services which you make your path broad in your search and will guide you throughout to make a wise choice.