What is Better? Arranged or Love Marriage?

Marriage is something that has often been a bone of contention. Anyone who has reached the “marriageable age” is subjected to constant questioning regarding different matrimony related issues. Whether you want to get married or not? When should you get married? Should you opt for love or arranged marriage?

We have often heard or participated in the debate over this topic without reaching any fruitful conclusion. Frankly, there are pros and cons to both aspects of marriage. Www.thirtyplusshaadi.com, one of the leading providers of Matrimonial Services in Delhi lists some of the important aspects of both these ways of finding your soulmate.
What is Better? Arranged or Love Marriage?
What is Better? Arranged or Love Marriage?

Advantages of love marriage

  1. Since both individuals know each other for a relatively long time, they are expected to know about each other’s behavior, nature, personal preferences, etc. If they accept each other’s flaws, are aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, they can decide to spend their life together, as they are probably better equipped to do so. Moreover, since the decision to marry each other is solely theirs, they cannot blame anyone else if things do not work out between them in the future.
  2. Since love marriage is a decision between two individuals with mutual consent, the chances of social evils like dowry, caste discrimination, monetary and social status will not come into play. Moreover, one can easily curtail the lavish spending that is associated with the big fat Indian weddings. The couple can, with mutual understanding have a simple wedding and save money which can come handy in the future.

Advantages of arranged marriage

  1. Marriages in India are not just about two individuals, but their families too. Usually, adults in the family while looking for a spouse for their child try to find someone who would be able to adjust not just with their child, but also seamlessly integrate with their family. Thus, they look for someone familiar with their customs, food, way of living, apart from individual compatibility.
  2. Since elders of the family are involved in fixing the match if any misunderstanding or conflict occurs between the couple, they will make all efforts to help mitigate the problem. Moreover, the elders of the family are always available to help guide you in the future if any problems arise.

Marriage is an institution that deserves respect and complete commitment, irrespective of whether it is love or arranged. Enjoy finding your special one with the help of the best matrimonial services.