The best marriage advice from women with a long marriage

How often have you heard of marriage advice from adult women? And do you think that they are the people who can give you the most objective advice for a long and happy married life? The team of gathered the wisdom of older women, which will help you understand the meaning of the sacred union.

Be careful what you look for, because you can find it

You may think that you madly want the person next to you to change, but be careful, because at some point it will turn out that this is not the person you married.

It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you say it

The sharp tone and scandals certainly do not contribute to a good relationship between two people. That’s why a nice tone is important when talking to your partner.

Let him win

Competitive spirit is important, but not when talking about the partner. If you know that winning is important to him, then give him the first place.

Homemade food

Separating family responsibilities is a great start, but if you know he has had a long day at work, you will make him feel special if a dish prepared by you is waiting for him at the table.

Pretend you can’t do it alone

Whether you ask him to help you reach a high shelf, or to open a jar, you need his help.


Every woman with a long-term marriage knows that it cannot last long without respect.

Your partner cannot read minds

You want him to know how you will react or what you will think in each situation. And while the idea of telepathy may seem plausible, you have to accept that he needs your guidance to understand your mood.

Don’t talk about relationship problems

You had a fight last night and you immediately decide to tell the story to all your friends? No, keep small family quarrels out of people’s sight.

If you can’t agree, listen

You both have an opinion on the matter, but it cannot always coincide. Do not think that only your point of view matters, but listen to his arguments.

Time together

Hasty daily life and a bunch of tasks – this is everyone’s excuse. Be sure to find time for each other, even if only to go to the store together.

Plan your budget together

Decisions about the family budget and how it will be spent must be made by both partners.

Sometimes you just have to shut up

Your partner may be going through a difficult time at work, and then your only task is to listen to his problems, but leave him alone to find a way out of the situation.