Should You Opt for an Early Marriage or Not?

Marriage is considered an important milestone in the life of any individual. You must have heard of people saying that marrying early makes you free of responsibility. However, gone are the days when people used to marry their kids in their early twenties? You will be surprised to know that your parents too had an early marriage.

That was the norm nearly 20-30 years back. These days, people either opt for late marriages or do not get married at all. Since everything has its pros and cons, let us understand whether an early marriage or a late marriage is more beneficial.
Should You Opt for an Early Marriage or Not?
Should You Opt for an Early Marriage or Not?

Advantage of opting for early marriage

  1. When you get married at an early age, understanding the customs and traditions taking place at your in-laws’ place becomes easier. Girls in their 20s are more likely to adjust easily and adapt to the changes than say someone in their late 30s or early 40s.
  2. If you love kids and wish to have yours, marriage at an early age is recommended. This is because as you age, the biological clock causes several complications which can cause to have miscarriages, having a child with genetic issues, etc.
  3. Marrying early provides you an ample amount of time to get to know and understand your partner. These early years contribute significantly in cementing your relationship for the long road ahead.

Advantage of opting for late marriage

  1. You get adequate time to complete your education, fulfil your desire of being independent and see the world. Marrying late also provides you with time to introspect and to realize what you want from your spouse as well as life.
  2. People change as they age. A person’s thoughts, principles, and preferences in their late teens and early 20s will be quite different from their mid-30s. This change in perception and thinking might sometimes cause differences between individuals. You can prevent all that drama by marrying late, when you are sure of what you want.
  3. Financial stability is a contributing factor. Most people who marry late are often financially settled in life and probably longing for companionship. They are more likely to appreciate their partner and make efforts to make their relationship work against all odds.

Considering that now all the cards are on the table, you can make an informed choice. Thirty Plus Shaadi offers a chance to find compatible matches with ease. Whatever your decision, it is going to be the best!