After finding the right life partner for marriage, the very next thing you will require is matching the kundli of couples. The ritual of matching kundli’s is an ancient practice that dates back to 1000s years. It became a crucial part of Hindu marriage rituals where the horoscope/kundli of the prospective couple is matched to check their compatibility with each other. This ritual is generally practiced in the case of arranged marriages.

What is kundli Matching in Marriage?

It is a practice of matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom, who’re going to share nuptial vows, to ascertain how successful and happy their wedding life would be. Ashta-koota is the main task in this practice. 36 crucial points are considered in both Kundalis. If 18 or more points are matched, it signifies the wedding will be successful. The position of the planets in both horoscopes is compared to find the compatibility of would-be couples.

Does kundli Matter in Marriage Decisions?

According to some experienced astrologers, kundli matchmaking is a crucial step in wedding planning. Also known as the natal chart, birth chart, Kundalini, and horoscope, kundli is the governor of all important aspects of human life and Indian marriage. Many astrologers said that checking the horoscope is important in understanding when you will marry, whom you will marry, how to check compatibility with a selected person, and how will be your wedding life.

Some experienced people stated that kundli matchmaking doesn’t help in married life in any way. Their marriage broken or didn’t go as smoothly as it should be. So, in conclusion, all you need to do is approach a good astrologer to match your kundli and get aware of marriage predictions. But, never depend completely only on kundli. Make some efforts in finding the right life partner.

How to Find the Right Match for Marriage?

In a hurry of finding marriage material, don’t choose a person only on the basis of appealing charm and education. Alongside physical appearance and qualification, you must consider the behavior, communication way, hobbies, moral values, and likes and dislikes of another person. This is where you can count upon trustworthy marriage bureau such as Here, you’ll find a long list of suitable candidates based on your needs and expectations. You can interact with a selected person before making a final decision about marriage.