Inter-caste marriage problems in India

The definition of inter-caste marriage is a scenario whereby people tend to marry outside their family circles, a move that comes with a package of its own problems. Bearing in mind that marrying inside family circles is an Asian tradition that has been applicable for a long time, it is evident that inter-caste marriages are going to take some time before it is taken into consideration fully and this is because caste marriages have been the order of the day for a long time. Indian matrimony is a debatable issue that has a lot of issues worth discussing about. For instance younger people are adapting to online marriage and finding partners on marriage sites in India and slowly shunning arranged marriages or traditional marriages which remain their parents’ choice.

Inter-caste marriage problems in India
Inter-caste marriage problems in India

Same as TPS, most matrimony websites have all the important information one may be looking for regarding marriage. For example; beautiful Indian brides, matrimony brides, brides and grooms photos, qualifications, family business details, and so much more. This is only making that makes it easier for young people to adapt an online marriage which is a major contribution to inter-caste marriages.

Problems associated with inter-caste marriage

Inter-caste marriage comes with its load of challenges which we are going to look at. These are some of the down sides that come with inter-caste marriages which are greatly contributed by many matrimonial websites and making people not marry inside their family circles;

  • Differences in lifestyles; when people from different family circles get married, there is the likelihood of lifestyle crashing bearing in mind that the families involved may be from different wealth backgrounds and the partner form a poorer caste is likely looked down upon by the members of the other family.
  • Disowner ship by family; inter-caste marriage may lead to a family disowning one of their own just because they decided to marry outside their caste. For those seeking marriage partners on Indian matrimony websites like Thirty Plus Shaadi there is likelihood that your family may disown you if you marry outside your caste.
  • Failure to be accepted; a marriage may appear blissful at the early stages only for rejection signs to start showing up later. The Indian brides may for instance start being criticized over their dressing or appearance due to the conflicting cultural lifestyles by the other members of the family. Marriage which is inter-caste is prone to prejudice at one stage of the marriage.
  • Emotional suffering; it is evident that inter-caste marriages is as a sign of love for each other but that does not mean that both of you will be strong to face the challenges that will come with the marriage arrangement. Partners who are often picked down upon by the other immediate family may suffer emotional breakdowns due to the feeling of not being accepted in the family.
  • Honor killings; unfortunately, this is another but most rear problem which is associated with inter-caste marriages.