How to Check if You Have the Manglik Dosha

Everybody knows that there are 12 signs of the zodiac. Out of these, according to the Vedic astrology, one of these signs happens to be a sign that rises at the eastern horizon during birth. This is known as the sign of the lagan or the ascendant. If this is impacted with negative planets, it can have a bad impact on any person under its effect.

How to Check if You Have the Manglik Dosha
How to Check if You Have the Mangliks Dosha

Mars as a planet is given a special place in Vedic astrology. Especially when it comes to marriage, the Manglik Dosha is among the most dreaded conditions on the Vedic charts. This parameter is grown to become an integral part of the Kundli matching process, where factors such as compatibility are analyzed while a match is being considered.

The Manglik Dosha is highly dependent on the position of planet Mars during the time of birth of a bride or groom. An experienced astrologer has the capability to predict a number of facets of a person’s life such as longevity, health, vitality, body, gain, name, dignity, natural tendencies, sorrows, honor, fame, sickness and pleasures.

 A large number of people chose to marry late because they have to wait for a long time for either the affects of this condition to wear off, or because it takes them that long to find the perfect match whose astrological charts are compatible.

Fortunately, there are a number of conditions that do not affect a person under the Manglik Dosha very negatively and they may not need to fear at all because of favorable positions of planets which nullify the negative effect of planet mars.

There are a number of tools free and paid available on the internet that helps you determine whether or not you are a Manglik Dosha and to what extent it may impact you, your spouse and your overall life. To be able to gain a more comprehensive and accurate reading, it is recommended that you visit an experienced astrologer.