Finding a Qualified Priest for your Manglik Matrimony

Your daughter has come of age and it is time to start looking for a suitable groom for her. You may also be worried about a slight problem in her kundli that suggests that she is Manglik. This means that she can marry only someone who is also under the influence of the Mangal Dosha or pursue some of the rituals and prayers that are recommended to minimize the negative effects of this dosha.

30 + Manglik Girl For Shaadi
Finding a Qualified Priest for your Manglik Matrimony

There are a number of decisions to be made and you won’t understand where to begin unless you take the help of a qualified priest who can help you through the ordeal of finding your daughter a suitable match.

Here are some tips of how you can find for your family a qualified priest who is sure to guide you through the process of a Manglik marriage –

  1. While most of our lives depend on destiny, availing the services of a qualified priest can definitely help you ease the worries of getting your Manglik child married. The easiest way to find a good priest or astrologer is by asking for recommendations from trusted family, relatives and friends.
  2. Based on the recommendations you receive, make sure you ask enough questions to the person who makes the recommendation to you about the credibility of the astrologer.
  3. Make sure he or she has sufficient expertise in the field of marriage and matters of the mangal dosha.
  4. Ask around and talk to other manglik couples who are married and gauge the credibility of the astrologer or priest based on their experiences.

Once you have identified your priest or astrologer, it is recommended that you make him handle your case from scratch since many astrologers follow different philosophies and derivation of Vedic astrology. Based on the kundli that he creates and matches, ask him to make independent recommendations of steps to take with respect to ensuring marital bliss for your child.

Now are you ready to set your child on the path of marriage and ensuring that they lead a happy and fulfilling life with their partners.