Don’t Let the Manglik Dosha Hamper Your Marriage

The unfortunate truth about today’s society is that in spite of being in the science age, many people still follow traditions and talk baseless without having a clear and actual understanding behind the logic if Vedic Astrology. There are a number of controversies when it comes to the Manglik Dosha, and it is considered extremely negative condition to be under. It is believed that a stronger impact of mars creates this dosha and it gives tremendous disharmony to a marriage. Some also believe that this condition is to blame when it comes to the delay of marriage or loss of life of spouse post marriage.

In fact, the death of spouse under the influence of a manglik dosha is among the most prevelant beliefs or myths of today’s world. It is important to understand that not every bride or groom under the influence of this dosha is bound to have this effect on themselves or on their spouse. It depends on a various other influencing factors on your horoscope charts and the strength of your dosha as well.

Another major myth that is a common belief among Indians who follow the Vedic astrology is the presence of a double Manglik dosha. The fact of the matter is that there is no such condition. In fact, if the planet mars is present in its own house, even though it is considered to have a ‘double’ effect, so as to say, in reality it decreases the effects of this condition as against increasing it.

In addition to this, there are a number of myths that families follow leading to psychologically hampering a couple’s marriage due to lack of clarity. Some of these myths are, triple manglik, quadric manglik, the fact that the dosha vanishes only after the age of 28, that the dosha is also seen from the lunar chart, and a major myth that there is absolutely no cure for this condition.