There is a popular quote that marriages are made in heaven. But, does that really holds any truth? It is true because, in a marriage, two strange people from different or the same cultural background and interests hold each other’s hand to walk together on the journey of life. They share their future together no matter what and how good or bad the circumstances are. Height, weight, and physical appearance, nothing matters in a marriage when couples have a better understanding, trust, and respect.

Does Height Matter in a Marriage?

Several studies have proved that couples actually have a happier marriage when there are height differences. Couples are much happier when a girl is short and a boy is taller. We all know that most women prefer their partner to be taller than them. Men are more satisfied with their partner slightly shorter than them – approximately 3-inches. Girls are highly satisfied and happy when they are much shorter (approx. 8-inches) than their male partners. The major reason is that girls wear high heels and become fully compatible with their partners.

Is it Okay if a Girl is Taller than a Male Partner?

Today, height preferences in society are changing. Some people look for a woman who is taller than a male partner. This trend has been followed in the movie world where female celebrities are marrying a male partner who is not taller than them. The couples are saying that they have no problems regarding their height differences.

Renowned celebrity couples such as Tom Holland and Zendaya, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, etc. came into the limelight because they have significant height differences. The female is much taller than her male better half.

But, in some cases, men are somehow self-conscious when they marry a girl who is significantly taller. They state that they have no idea that height differences would be a cause of an issue in their wedding life. Couples may not think much about it but other people do. A man shorter than his wife seems to be a topic of discussion in society.


Overall height is not an attractive factor for some people, it becomes a deal-breaker for many people. On – a leading matrimony website, you’ll find profiles of prospective brides and grooms of every height to find the perfect match for you. So, get excited to meet your dream partner.