Connection Of Red Color And Indian Brides

Connection Of Red Color And Indian Brides

In India, any auspicious moment is incomplete without the color red. As weddings are one the most auspicious occasions, surely red makes an appearance here also. Red has been a constant companion of Indian Brides. It is the color of life- a new life. A wedding indicates a significant change in the life of a traditional Indian woman. She has to leave the shelter of her parents’ house and start her family anew at her in-laws. So, it is only natural that you, being an Indian bride, would be attracted to the colour red since it is a reminder of the beginning of a new phase in your life.

A wedding in India is renowned for its vibrant and bright colors. A dash of color and shine enhance the auspiciousness of the occasion. You need to keep these facts in mind when selecting your wedding trousseau.

Hindu tradition dictates that married women in India need to flaunt a red bindi. A black bindi is meant for single girls. The henna that is used to decorate the palms of women during special occasions is also red.

The celebrations for an Indian wedding usually continue for several days at a stretch. The start of the wedding proceedings is indicated by Mehndi ceremony, then the Tilak, followed by the Sangeet and Baraat. Red, in different forms makes an appearance in almost all of these ceremonies. The highlight of weddings in India is definitely the time when the groom and the bride unite as a couple. To mark the occasion, women in almost all parts of the country are decked in red bridal attire owing to the sacredness of the colour in Hindu religion. Grooms also tend to wear red since the color denotes strength and vigour.

A traditional Indian bride looks stunning wearing red since the colour highlights any kind of complexion and enhances your beauty and charm. Red is always the first choice for brides as the color ensures that you are going to look your best on the big day.

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