Relationships thrive on constant nurturing and caring. A person is surrounded by a web of relationships that form the core of his/her social existence. Maintaining any sort of relationship requires communication, empathy, conflict resolution and the list goes on. The most important skill that makes relationship strong, intimate and healthy is sharing.

Relationships require sharing our lives with another person. This may include a lot of dimensions like emotional sharing, intellectual sharing, common values, sharing of beliefs or ideas. The dimension is decided by the level of intimacy a relationship holds. It may be different for people in a marriage. In a marriage, it is fundamental to share your feelings and thoughts.

Here is what else you can share in a relationship:

Share Secrets

Sharing secrets is the virtue of best relationships. Two people in a relationship need to be open and honest regarding almost everything. This ensures a sense of security and safety. These secrets can be about your dreams and desires, your highs and lows, expectations and disappointments. Sometimes being vulnerable ensures that the relationship stays intimate and thereby strengthens the bond. One needs to ensure that the secrets shared are honored and never compromised.

Share Hobbies and interests

Relationships require time to bud and blossom. Today, time holds value. Some people are busy with work and careers and relationship takes a backseat. This can be totally avoided. Take out some time dining out or exercising together if you are in a more intimate relationship. Always try to be open to new ideas and try to look out for common interests if any. Pursue them together. This will ensure you get to spend quality time together doing what you both like.

Share your Support

People tend to be emotionally and physically exhausted. The daily chores or too much stress can bring out total negativity from a person. One can simply extend his/her support and make the other feel a little less exhausted. Sharing is lessening the burden.

Share Chores

If you are in a relationship, where you can help your partner with daily chores, it can create a sense of equality. Helping with routine work like cleaning and cooking can ensure a balance and it definitely takes off some load. As they say “two is better than one”- this mantra can go a long way.

How does sharing help?

Sharing can ensure emotional and mental stability in most of the cases. It does good to people who entrust each other with things. Sharing will help you and your partner grow as a team as it develops the sense of togetherness. A person will feel more responsible for the acts done in a relationship.

Sharing chores ensure that both the partners feel equal and it definitely takes some load off. The skill of sharing will make your relationship grow as a team and this will eventually increase the level of intimacy. It eventually builds trust and helps the relationships to flourish.

In matrimony, know that you are not two individuals living your separate lives. You and your spouse are one bounded by the love and care you share with each other.