Why are Indians ting the knot post 30 yrs of age

Traditionally Indians would be married by 22-28 Yrs of age, In today’s time the average age of matrimony is 29 yrs to 38 yrs as people want to settle first and then get married. We launched www.thirtyplusshaadi.com for people who are looking at marriage after thirty as the name suggests.

Prospects are more focused on there careers and financial stability first and hence matrimony takes a backseat for them. They want growth in life via career and professional stature first and then they look for a suitable life partner. Nothing wrong in that, it’s a choice which all humans deserve as we only live once. But on the flip side getting a good match also takes time, never mind we have thirtyplusshaadi.com to take care of this.

Features of our matrimony sites 

• Free registration Or Paid registration
• 100% mobile verified profile
• Security and privacy control options
• Safe, secure and confidential
• Daily matches via E-mail and SMS.
• Accessible customer care centers
• Wedding related services and products
• Photo protection features
• Browse Matrimonial Profiles by category
• Screening system for prevention of abuses
• Privacy protection options
• Category based selection available
• Occupation caste and age vise portals

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