Making Your Arranged Marriage a Love Marriage

Making Your Arranged Marriage a Love Marriage

Irrespective of how westernized the Indian society is becoming, the institution of arranged marriages is very much prevalent in all parts of the country. Whether parents find their children partners through family references or on matrimonial websites, the arranged marriage system has been working well for young brides and grooms for ages.

A major evolution that has taken place in this system is the fact the brides and grooms are now given sufficient opportunity to meet and get to know their life partners to-be which further gives them a chance to convert their arranged matrimonial in a love marriage.
Making Your Arranged Marriage a Love Marriage
Making Your Arranged Marriage a Love Marriage

Open Your Mind to the Idea of Arranged Marriages

For more reasons than one, today’s youth prefers to make their own decisions when it comes to picking a life partner. At the same time, one cannot ignore the demands of the family to be involved in making this very same decision. The first step to a happy arranged marriage is by opening one’s mind to the concept.

Communicate your Expectations

Understand that your parents only want to see you happy, and that an arranged marriage is not necessarily a forced marriage. You have the full right to refuse a union or take your time in making the right decision. The key is open communication with your own family about your expectations out of a life partner as well as with the potential brides and grooms you will meet through the course of arranging your marriage.

It is A Lot like Blind Dating

Having an open mind about an arranged matrimonial means embracing an opportunity to meet new people with a perspective of them being potential life partners. For more open Indian families, this is much like blind dating but with the additional involvement of your families.

Take Your Time to Get to Know Your Partner

Now that you have made peace with opting to have an arranged marriage, remember to give the people you meet herewith a fair chance. Take your time to get to know them, ask them relevant questions. If possible, make a list of questions that you would like to ask them without worrying about social repercussions. Don’t make your meetings to formal and interview-like but try to be casual and make efforts to make the opposite person comfortable.

Make the Most of Your Courtship

Open conversations with them by being your real self and try to get to know them as much as possible. If you are in a stage where you are already engaged but you still need to break the ice and get to know your life-partner to be try to shed yourself off all inhibitions and make the most of your courtship to get to know the person and shower affection and get some in return.

When you start looking for a life partner, do not make any hasty decisions and succumb to social pressures. Make sure you gauge each situation with an open mind and find someone you are willing spend time getting to know, and fall in love with.

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