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Name: Parul khandelwal
Created by:
5ft 3in 160cm
60 Kg
Residing State:
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It is a grand opportunity to boast and so I shall :D Caution: May be long for the faint hearted :P! I am an old-school romantic who believes in \"goodness\". I care deeply about my family & friends. Nature Music Books travel and treks conversations meditation dance are my dope my reason to live beyond the demanding corporate life. I like to experiment with adventures. My biggest dream is to see the world preferably with my husband :) Discovering/learning new things keeps me grounded and charged. Writing reading travelinggiving back Photography sports DIY projects take most of my free time. I am progressive and independent try to balance my heart and mind focus on my work & family am a sucker for intellectual conversations an outdoor person as much as a stay-at-home girl a traveller a music geek fitness favouringfree spirited girl and staunch believer that the key to a happy and successful existence is a good balance of personal and professional life. More ? Ok! A go-getter full of ideas with the attitude to fulfil them I am happy-go-lucky a foodie a dreamer a wanna-be-entrepreneur moody writer living-room singer voracious reader and a reliable friend. Blessed with my bevy of friends family hobbies and work by my side I love life ! Partner: I dream & hope to find a man who is educated healthy open-minded and cultured funny and patient - who can be a friend to me before anything.I wish to be with someone who can share and support my dreams while I support and partner with him in his. Profession: After being Head HR for few progressive abd reputed SMEs currently trying my hand at Consulting. Education: Masters (HR) PG Diploma(Business) a B.Sc.(Eco & Maths)All India Merit Holder.
Primary Information
Name: Parul khandelwal
Age: 35
Height: 5ft 3in 160cm
Weight: 60 Kg
Body Type: Average
Complexion: Fair
Blood Group: o+
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Physical Status: Normal
Socio-Religious Background
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Baishya
Sub Caste: Not Specified
Raasi: Kumbh (Aquarius)
Manglik: Don't Know
Time of Birth: Not Specified
Place of Birth: Not Specified
Eating Habits: Veg
Smoking Habits: No
Drinking Habits: No
Citizenship: India
Country Living in: India
Residing State: Haryana
Resident Status: Not Specified
Residing City/District: Gurgaon
Educational & Professional Information
Education Category: Masters
Education in Detail: Not Specified
Employed in: Private Sector
Occupation: Consultant
Occupation in detail: Not Specified
Annual Income: Rs.20,00,001 - 30,00,000
Family Details
Family Values: Not Specified
Family Type: Not Specified
Father's Occupation: Not Specified
Mother's Occupation: Not Specified
No of Siblings: 0
Total Brother (s): Not Specified
Married: Not Specified
Total Sister(s): Not Specified
Married: Not Specified
About My Family:
Partner Preference Specifications
Age: 36 - 44
Height: 5ft 8in 172cm to 6ft 10in 208cm
Looking for: Single
Physical Status: Normal
Mother Tongue: Doesn't Matter
Educational and Professional Preference: Bachelors - Doesn't Matter

Location Preference

Citizenship: Doesn't Matter
Country Living in: India
Residing State: Not Specified
Resident Status: Doesn't Matter

About My Partner

Educated , cultured, open minded , physically mentally and emotionally healthy. Travel lovers will be preferred :)

Socio-Religious Preference

Religion: Doesn't Matter
Caste/Division: Doesn't Matter
Eating Habits: Doesn't Matter
Manglik: Doesn't Matter

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